Created by the Industry Funds ForumOpens in new window, SuperFriend collaborates with industry superannuation funds, group life insurers and the mental health sector to facilitate targeted workplace mental health and wellbeing initiatives for members of these funds.

SuperFriend’s work focuses on the development, promotion and facilitation of information, resources, programs and research about mental health and wellbeing. By improving people’s understanding of mental health, mental illness and wellbeing, SuperFriend seeks to influence and foster mentally healthy, supportive work environments where people flourish and thrive.

Employers and employees of Concept One the Industry Superannuation Fund have access to a range of resources, research a research and programs for free, or at a reduced cost.

SuperFriend also offers Mental Health and Wellbeing TrainingOpens in new window, which is available to the general public, and is also tailored to build the capacity of partner funds and group life insurers to better serve their members and employers. The training includes educating staff in evidence based, best practice approaches for communicating with people who may be affected by mental illness or mental health issues.

How SuperFriend Works

By acting as a collaborative conduit for funds, insurers and the mental health sector, SuperFriend is in the unique position to influence positive change in over 650,000 Australian workplaces and therefore help millions of Australians flourish and thrive at work.

Want to Know More?

Please contact Concept One’s Relationship Manager, Glen Van Ooran on 0407 100 203 or