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SuperFriend’s work focuses on the development, promotion and facilitation of information, resources, programs and research about mental health and wellbeing. By improving people's understanding of mental health, mental illness and wellbeing, SuperFriend seeks to influence and foster mentally healthy, supportive work environments where people flourish and thrive.

Employers, their employees and members of Concept One have access to a range of resources, research and programs for free, or at a reduced cost.

Best Doctors®

Best Doctors® provides all Concept One members with automatic access to the advice and guidance of leading medical specialists from around the world without having to leave their home.

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You’ll find we make super as easy as possible and give you a flexible retirement savings solution, consistent returns and professional, personal advice.

Facts About Super

Managing and growing your Super, Retiring and Calculators, and FAQ. Learn about how best to manage your super for the future.

Clearing House

One place to pay your super, one place to log-in, no matter who your employee's super is with.


If you would like to pay superannuation contributions into an employee’s account, you can join instantly by taking advantage of our online facility.