Income Protection

Enhanced cover

If you are a new member in permanent employment working more than 15 hours per week, you will automatically receive up to 4 units of default Income Protection cover when you join the fund.

You can vary this by electing additional units, up to a maximum of 30 units. Cover over your default level is subject to medical underwriting and charged at a premium that relates to your wait and benefit periods.

Each unit is equal to a $1,000 monthly benefit.

Units are allocated based on whether your occupation is classified as ‘White Collar/Education’ or ‘Standard’. Please refer to the Other Important Information booklet for occupation definitions.


Occupation Units allocated
White Collar / Education 4 units ($4,000 per month)
Standard 3 units ($3,000 per month)


The cost of cover is based on your age and occupation. The premiums are shown in the Other Important Information booklet.

Wait period

There is a 60 day wait period before a benefit is paid and it will be paid for a maximum of 2 years.

You can vary the wait period, either by increasing it to 90 days (which will mean a significant discount) or decrease it to 30 days. Premiums for the various wait periods are listed in the Other Important Information booklet. Electing a lesser wait period of 30 days will require medical evidence to be provided to the insurer.

Benefit payment period

The default benefit payment period is 2 years. You can extend this ‘to age 65’ which means the benefit will be paid until your 65th birthday. Premiums for the extended benefit payment period are listed in the Other Important Information booklet.

For more information please call 1300 720 182.