Financial Planning

Financial Advice Services with Mercer Financial Advice

For many Australians, with the exception of the family home, their superannuation will be their most valuable asset. Your super is therefore likely to be the largest sum of money you will ever have to manage. So, it's important you make informed decisions about it.

In the lead up to retirement your super can also provide you with a range of personal insurance options to help protect you and your family.

To assist with your superannuation queries the board of Trustees of Concept One has engaged Mercer Financial Advice to provide a range of specialised services to its members.

As a member of Concept One you can speak to a Mercer Consultant on 1300 720 182 for free general advice around the following queries:

  • Can I rollover my other super accounts into my Concept One account?
  • Is my super invested in the right investment option?
  • Do I have enough insurance for my age and family circumstances?
  • What is salary sacrifice and is it right for me?
  • Would I benefit from a Transition to Retirement strategy?
  • Do I have enough super to retire on?
  • How do I start a pension and how do pension accounts work?
  • Where can I get advice on retirement?

If you require more comprehensive personal financial advice (including both super and non-super advice), an appointment can be made with a Mercer Strategic Adviser. Mercer has an office located in most capital cities. The first appointment is free and without obligation. Should you elect to proceed with the advice leading to a Statement of Advice, fees will apply. These will be disclosed and agreed upon prior to the commencement of any work.

The benefits of using Mercer for your personal financial planning needs are -

  • Mercer's financial advisors are independent and meet the highest standards of education integrity and professionalism.
  • Fees for advice in relation to superannuation and retirement planning can be deducted from your Concept One superannuation account and therefore would not be a direct cost to you.

To arrange a meeting with a Mercer Strategic Adviser please call 1300 720 182.