Retire With Concept One

You’ll find we make super as easy as possible and give you a flexible retirement savings solution, consistent returns and professional, personal advice.

A Concept One Pension provides you with a range of income advantages:

  • A regular income paid to your bank account.
  • Tax-free investment earnings.
  • Tax-free income once you reach age 60.
  • Access to your capital at any time (tax-free once you reach age 60 and have stopped working).
  • No loss of capital on premature death with the option of a lump sum payout to your estate or reversionary beneficiary/beneficiaries.

Whether you are already retired or winding down towards retirement, Concept One has a pension for you.


As a pension member you will have access to these services:

  • Online access via MemberAccess - a secure online facility that gives you access to your account anytime. You can:
  • View up-to-date account info
  • Manage your investment options and beneficiaries
  • Update your personal details, and
  • Make lump sum withdrawals (if you have met a condition of release).